Design as an inspiration for sustainable lifestyle

  • Vidhya Govindan Tampere University of Technology
  • Sakthikannan Sakunthaladevi Fiat Chrysler, India


To envision a sustainable society, it is not enough to have sustainable products and services; radical change has to happen in every individual’s lifestyles and ways they interact with society. Design has the power to make the radical change happen and motivates people to embrace sustainable lifestyle. The paper discusses the concept of design as an inspirational tool towards sustainable lifestyle briefly and proposes a website based community model based on the concept. The model proposed in this paper can be validated and the effectiveness can be understood through a workshop and pilot study. The paper provides the steps to deploy the model as a pilot study and challenges involved in implementing this model.


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GOVINDAN, Vidhya; SAKUNTHALADEVI, Sakthikannan. Design as an inspiration for sustainable lifestyle. International SERIES on Information Systems and Management in Creative eMedia (CreMedia), [S.l.], n. 2013/2, p. 8-15, aug. 2013. ISSN 2341-5576. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 23 oct. 2020.


Sustainable Lifestyle, Design, Motivation, Communities
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