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  • This is the newsletter accompanying the Chapman & Hall/CRC Emerging Media and User-Experience Computation Series, which presents cross-disciplinary research, case studies, and insights into media technology, media business, and media design. The series will cover many topics of interest, including, but not limited to: advancements in media technology, animation, media design, music, robotics, video, content production, information systems, content systems, interactive media, visual effects, asset management, design approaches, user-experience, quality of experience, simulation, serious games, digital games, augmented reality, and virtual reality. The series is cross-disciplinary, and seeks contributions from computer science, media design, human-computer-interaction, psychology, (mass)-communication, information systems, and business viewpoints. MORE INFORMATION ON THE BOOK ON:
  • The IFIP International Conference on Entertainment Computation (IFIP-ICEC) is the longest lasting and prime scientific conference series in the area of Entertainment Computing. It brings together practitioners, researchers, artists, designers, and industry on the design, creation, development, use, application and evaluation of digital entertainment content and experience systems. The conference series is cross-disciplinary, and stretches over the domains of computer science, human-computer-interaction, content production, digital games, multimedia, media studies, art, and design. The conference series aims at presenting high quality scientific results spanning from theory to application, use-cases, experience, and demonstrations. We solicit papers, posters, art exhibits, interactive sessions, and demonstrations, as well as we are looking for tutorial and workshop proposal. MORE INFORMATION ON THE EVENT ON:
  • This is the newsletter related to our Media Convergence Handbook (Vol. 1, and Vol. 2):, and
  • Storytelling outside the Entertainment Context to Engage, Enlighten, and Explain in
    Serious Games, Data Storytelling, User-Experience, AI, Health, eLearning, Science,
    Digital Media, and Business/Management

    The handbook is transdisciplinary and should address technology, human, storytelling,
    and business issues in the fields of entertainment computation, human-computer-interaction,
    media technology and design, information systems research, multimedia, data science, digital games, eLearning, eHealth, and digital media scholars.

    Artur Lugmayr, Helmut Hlavacs, and Calkin Suero Montero (Eds.)
    Published by Chapman&Hall/CRC Taylor&Francis Group

    The book will be the pilot book for the new Series on Emerging Media Technology and User-Experience Computation, published by Chapman&Hall/CRC Taylor&Francis Group.


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