1st Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Meets Virtual and Augmented Worlds (AIVRAR) in conjucntion with SIGGRAPH Asia 2017

Author: admin - Published 2017-05-27 12:09 - ( Reads)

The objective of this workshop is to invite scholars and practitioners to discuss synergies between virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The aim is to gather a cross-disciplinary team of experts with a background in computer science, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), psychology/cognitive sciences, culture/communication studies, design and art to develop this fascinating intersection. The aspects to discuss range from user-experience, technologies applications, methods, cultural implications, communication theories, to artistic approaches.

Student Works (Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and PhD): Perceptive Informatics - Visualisation, Interactive Media, User-Experience

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I am actively searching for students interested in several aspects of visualization and interactive media on undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate level. As I am in favor for cross-disciplinary work, I am searching for students with any background: computer science, humanities, business, human-computer interaction, or design. The most important is a drive to gain more understanding in perceptive informatics: visualization, interaction, human perception and content creation from a business, technical, and human perspective.

Managing and Leading Creative Universities - Foundations of Successful Science Management, Springer-Verlag, 2016

Author: Artur Lugmayr - Published 2015-03-02 18:16 - (3696 Reads)

Managing and Leading Creative Universities - Foundations of Successful Science Management, Springer-Verlag, 20016: Leadership and management and leading universities, faculties, departments, or research laboratories undergoes a tremendous change during recent years. Universities and its researchers are more and more under pressure to produce scientific results and commercial viable outputs. Academic freedom and science as long-term investment for society and business vanish more and more, and put pressure on scientists to rise funding, cope with external stakeholders or job uncertainties, and internationalization strategies. The scope of this book is to discuss the changes, and especially emphasize the importance of universities as grassroots place for many activities.

Media Convergence Handbook - Cross-Disciplinary Viewpoint on Media Convergence, Springer Verlag, 2015

Author: Artur Lugmayr - Published 2014-03-03 12:06 - (3449 Reads)

Media Convergence Handbook, Vol.1 (Journalism, Broadcasting, and Social Media Aspects of Convergence) and Vol. 2 (Firms and User-Perspective), edited book published by Springer-Verlag, 2015. A unique cross-disciplinary viewpoint on media convergence from a business, media studies, technical, and user-experience viewpoint. Lecture slides, and additional information available on the book website.


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