The LudoViCo UX-Machine - Get your sensor based UX experiments to the next level

Author: Artur Lugmayr - Published 2016-08-10 17:15 - ( Reads)

Gathering and interpreting usability data from distributed sensor networks is a rather challenging task. With support from Curtin University and developed in collaboration with Stuart Bender, the tool is capable for recording, archiving, analysing, and interpreting sensor data from User eXperience (UX) experiments and is freely available to the community. Take your smart city, urban informatics, smart living, audience research project to the next level with The Ludovico UX-Machine.

Portable Personality (P2) - Chatterbot Beyond Microsoft's Tay

Author: System Administrator - Published 2016-08-10 17:01 - ( Reads)

Portable Personality (P2) is a concept for metadata harvesting, personality mining, and providing personalized services to the consumer. The concept connects people with people, objects with objects, and objects with people in a digital and virtual space.


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