(Re)Creating Lively Cities through Ambient Technolo-gies: Arts, Culture, and Gastronomic Experiences

  • Caitillin de Berigny Wall Lecturer



 Abstract. Our paper discusses different processes for animating urban spaces and creating lively cities through arts, culture, and gastronomic experiences. Such processes include interac-tive human scale environments, or ambient environments. These environments are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people, conveying a much more dynamic feel of a street, a plaza, a neighbourhood, or a city. 

Our world is a world of signs, images, colours, symbols, and interactivity. Humans demand much more human interaction and new modes of connection with the urban space through technology and innovative design tools. Neuro-marketing, defined as an emerging area of mar-keting studies consumers' sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective reaction to any marketing stimulation., These aspects are present in all aspects of life including urban spaces that need to be more exciting and easily accessible and walkable. Arts, culture, and gastronomy are ele-ments that are always present in every urban space, on different scales, thus providing us with a balanced environment. Ambient technology has the power to transmit the message of culture socially and politically by enhancing human interaction, community and cultural awareness, knowledge, creative and active consumption, progressing sustainability (spiritual and materi-al), and access to modern technologies in urban spaces. Cities and urban spaces need to be more progressive to set place making as a concept at the heart of every lively city’s design. A sense of place, conviviality, and safety can be generated through interactive design, and technologi-cally animated spaces. The digital era is extensively impacting our urban spaces, which need to be flexible and adaptable to meet the attention and aspirations of the users. 

Keywords: ambient technologies, interactivity, arts, culture, gastronomy. 


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Author Biography

Caitillin de Berigny Wall, Lecturer

Caitilin de Berigny Wall’s (onacloV) research is situated in Media Innovation and Contemporary Art practice. Her work bridges Media Architecture, Sustainability; Data Visualisation and Indigenous Art. Her PhD examined how the genre of documentary transforms in video installation via the processes of intertextuality and détournement. She has a degree in Visual Art (Honours) from the Australian National University and the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts Paris, as well as a post-graduate Diploma from the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts Marseille, France. She has staged exhibitions internationally in France at the ENSBA in Paris 1997 and Marseille 1999; in the USA at the Commencement Gallery 2000; in Canada at McGill 2004; in Australia at the National Gallery in 2005; Canberra Visual Art Space in 1999 and 2006; M16 2006 and the University of Technology in 2006; Berlin at the Wekstad in 2012 and is scheduled to exhibit in San Francisco at the Exploratorium in 2014.


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mbient technologies, interactivity, arts, culture, gastronomy.
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