Workshop Description

  • Artur Lugmayr


Abstract. Digital and interactive technologies are becoming increasingly embedded in everyday lives of people around the world. Application of technologies such as real-time, context-aware, and interactive technologies; augmented and immersive realities; social media; and location-based services has been particularly evident in urban envi-ronments where technological and sociocultural infrastructures enable easier deploy-ment and adoption as compared to non-urban areas. There has been growing consumer demand for new forms of experiences enabled through technologies. The focus is on ambient media services, applications, and technologies that promote people’s engage-ment in creating and re-creating liveliness in urban environments, particularly through arts, culture, and gastronomic experiences. The workshop takes a multidisciplinary and future oriented approach, and welcomes participants from diverse disciplinary domains for open discussions about technological, sociocultural, and content-related aspects of ambient media services that support people’s engagement in (re)creating their urban environments into a livelier place through art, cultural, and gastronomic experiences2: QoE and analysis of videos related to art, culture, and gastronomy and urban cities Ubiquitous environments and interfaces in lively city environments Intelligent appliances and gadgets supporting art, culture and gastronomy Multimedia learning for activities around smart city environments Locative media and context sensor technologies Artistic, cultural, and gastronomic services; Socio-economic studies, business models, advertising, and marketing; Applied ambient media technologies in city environments; Engagement and persuasion in smart environments.


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