Ubiquitous Ethnographies - Experimental Labs for Research and Teaching in the Anthropological Fieldwork

  • Massimo Canevacci
  • Luca Simeone


In this chapter, the two authors present some reflections upon their experiences in terms of research and teaching in the anthropological fieldwork. Both the authors experimented with different formats of academic labs to question traditional dichotomic boundaries: students vs. professors, academia vs. external world, and science vs. art.As such, this essay is a theoretical assemblage composed of the different perspectival constructs from the two authors. Purposely, the exposition maintains a loosely tied structure and does not follow a typical academic format. The paper is, therefore, a juxtaposition of anthropological and philosophical concepts and personal experiences - sometimes stitched together in a way that is not firmly definable or unequivocally comprehensible. In this sense, this essay works as an interstitial meander that - in an experiential and performative manner - aims at representing the wandering of the two authors and their continual exposition to the uncertainties (and the beauty) of ethnography.


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