The Journalism Education Model in Modern Context: Transformation of Competences and Technologies

  • Lyudmila Gromova
  • Larisa Feshchenko
  • Anna S. Smoliarova


In the last decade the Russian education system has undergone significant changes: conceptual, structural and technological nature. Russia's accession to the Bologna Process (2003) resulted in a shift in the university education to two-level training, associated with the possibility of learning throughout life. The following differentiation of Russian universities into three groups (leading, federal, research) defined more clearly the status, profiling and development strategies of universities in the context of the Russian labor market’s demands and global competition.

The search for the optimal model of journalism education that began as early as the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries resulted both the global and Russian practice in creation of a diverse and multi-level structure of vocational training, which present in modern Russia a multifarious spectrum of ceaseless journalism education:

  • school (pre-university - special classes, clubs, workshops, schools);

  • corporate (courses, workshops at the Union of Journalists, at the editorial offices, news agencies or other media institutes);

  • higher (universities, academies, institutes);

  • postgraduate (second degree; retraining and refresher courses, additional training), etc.

This system has developed in the ХХ century, is transformed over time due to the changes in priorities and continues to develop nowadays according to the modern concepts of mass media and to the market demands.


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