Combining Intelligent Recommendation and Mixed Reality in Itineraries for Urban Exploration

  • Giulio Jacucci
  • Salvatore Andolina
  • Denis Kalkhofen
  • Dieter Schmalstieg
  • Antti Nurminen
  • Anna Spagnolli
  • Luciano Gamberini
  • Tuukka Ruotsalo


Exploration of points of interest (POI) in urban environments  is challenging for the large amount of items near or reachable by the user and for the modality hindrances due to reduced manual flexibility and competing visual attention. We propose to combine different modalities, VR, AR, haptics-audio interfaces, with intelligent recommendation based on a computational method combining different data graph overlays: social, personal and search-time user input. We integrate such features in flexible itineraries that aid different phases and aspects of exploration.


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