AI, You're Fired! Artwork

Art Performance

  • Aleksandra Vasovic


The paper is text-based artwork, which is representing the initial conceptualization or contemplative phase of the media art and contemporary art performance and installation.
The objective of the long term art project is to further examine the potential of engagement of the advanced technology within the context of artistic research and contemporary art practice, with the specific postulate that the potential product of the artwork is expected to be imperceptible.

The artistic research is referring to the philosophical and metaphysics idea that the alleged real reality cannot be perceived or defined via some concept. The question is, if it is so, than, is the art or the artist capable to successfully illustrate the undetectable real reality, even with the most advanced technological instruments employed.

The text-based contemporary artwork is partly referring to another segment, which can be also observed within the context of the contemporary art – text based computer adventure games. More specifically, the method implemented for establishing the artwork’s concept uses some aspects similar to those used in early text-based computer games.
There are several stages in which the long-term artwork will progress.

The initial form is designed in such a manner which would confirm that this segment of artwork not only does serve as a fundament for the other parts to unfold, but is also autonomous and is already completed in terms of contemporary art. This stand is applicable to all the consecutive stages – each segment is both independent and contextual.
The following stages would include the interactivity between the author, art audience, but also with the devices applied for the producing the artwork, like advanced technology instruments e.g. augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR) devices, then interactive 3D technology, artificial intelligence (AI), plus the interactivity with the no-reality (reality in spiritual and philosophical contexts).


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