Reshaping Knowledge Tools Using Social Media Solutions

  • Andrej Duh University of Maribor
  • Dean KoroÅ¡ak University of Maribor


Nowadays, there is more information on any given topic that anyone can consume. Individuals would like a simple way to discover the topics that interest them most. On the other hand, media companies want to engage individuals by delivering the news that are the most interesting for them. Our paper focuses on the possibility to use various social media and traditional news channels for automatic generation of interactive social media news stream. Social media are in a way a perfect disseminator of news: “Our message is simple and direct: if it doesn’t spread, it’s dead.†[1]. There are already solutions that are focusing on the ways to help individuals to discover the messages they are interested in. Our idea is not focused on individuals, but on using collective intelligence and detecting important messages from huge amount of social network data and traditional news data, and spreading these messages through interactive social media news streams into digital universe [2]. We propose a network presentation and a network model of spreadable media content as a basis of new application using the notion of persistent context and apply perpetual analytics against all prior messages, where every incoming message is evaluated against all previous messages. Messages can be also delivered to an individual user from social network depending on the details of user’s engagement with media content. The insight into users’ social media data will also allow us to measure and perpetually infer the dynamic structure of the network model. Proposed concept can be applied in media companies as a dissemination tool to individual users. On the other hand, company as an individual user can use proposed concept as a knowledge tool. In the world of widely distributed knowledge, companies cannot afford to base their research and development only on their own knowledge and research. By using the knowledge tool a company can collect, classify, interpret and exploit information from unstructured multimedia sources yielding structured knowledge and information about developments in its business area. This approach could be especially beneficial for research intensive SMEs searching for cooperation with large public universities or other research institutions.


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DUH, Andrej; KOROÅ¡AK, Dean. Reshaping Knowledge Tools Using Social Media Solutions. International SERIES on Information Systems and Management in Creative eMedia (CreMedia), [S.l.], n. 2013/1, p. 8-10, aug. 2013. ISSN 2341-5576. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 27 feb. 2024.
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