Persona-Based Design for Personal Health Information Management Systems

  • Emilija Stojmenova University of Maribor, Medical faculty
  • Dejan Dinevski University of Maribor, Medical faculty
  • Jože Guna University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Matevž Pogačnik University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering


The field that represents the promotion of ICT for supporting, improving or enabling the health and healthcare systems, is widely known as e-health. Various studies ([1]and [2]) have concluded that ehealth is effective in terms of: significant cost reductions for the patients and the health system, increased health service efficiency, increased technical quality and usability and increased user satisfaction. Numerous guidelines exist for supporting the user-interface designs of e-health systems for all the different types of users. However, relying solely on user interface design guidelines is not enough [3]. One of the possible ways to provide for good usability and acceptance of an e-learning system is to involve the target users of the e-learning services throughout the entire design and development processes [4]. The approach of design which actively involves users in the design and development process is known as a participatory or cooperative design [5]. Participatory design is more effective when users are continuously involved throughout the development process – from the conceptualization phases until the very end i.e. testing the new technology together with the users. However, this can be both time- and cost-consuming. In the situations where price and fast delivery are critical, researchers suggest using expert reviews [6] and [7]. Expert usability reviews are based solely on the usability expert’s extensive experience, mainly form usability testing. They are based on well-known and recognized usability guidelines and not on expert’s self-invented ones. Expert reviews do not involve end-users. In order to make experts think like end users, Molich suggests persona- and scenario-based expert reviews [8]. Persona- and scenario-based expert reviews help experts see the product or system from the perspective of the real users and the context of usage. Persona-based usability expert review takes into consideration the type of the end-user who is interacting with the system or the product. This type of usability expert reviews consider end-users familiarity of the terminology, information architecture, navigation system and the graphical user interface design of the system end-users interact with.


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